Ambroise Tézenas

Jacques Garcia, a Sicilian Dream: Villa Elena

Book. Publisher: Flammarion

Jacques Garcia, a Sicilian Dream: Villa Elena

In southeast Sicily, near the town of Noto, Villa Elena-a former monastery restored by Jacques Garcia-is a tranquil oasis among fragrant orchards. Reflecting the interior designer's passion for ancient civilizations, the domain blends classical, Arabian, and Norman influences with elements borrowed from the Renaissance and the baroque, mirroring Sicilian history. With views stretching to the sea and to Syracuse, the villa is surrounded by shady terraces and lush gardens. This home - evocative of Lampedusa's The Leopard - has been restored to its former glory through magnificent salons decked with marble, stucco work, majolica tiles, silk, and velvet, revealed here for the first time. Bruno Ehrs's photographs, taken throughout each season of the year, masterfully capture the decadent splendor and aristocratic lifestyle of this particularly sumptuous locale in Sicily.

Text by Alain Stella
Publisher: Editions Flammarion

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